When was the last time you did that? No? I don’t know! Wait. This is the best one. Watch. (hugs her father) That’s what I want. Right there. I haven’t had a hug like that for a long time. I woke up one morning and I… couldn’t move my arm and it was really painful. And I thought I tore my rotator cuff because I do crossfit. So I was basically treating it as a torn rotator cuff. So I went to get some prolotherapy from my buddy who does prolotherapy and he’s like, “You don’t have a torn rotator cuff. You’re fine!” And I was like, “Well what’s wrong with me?” So, he said “I think you have frozen shoulder.” And then my crossfit co-owner who is a PT, said, “You have frozen shoulder.” So we started treating it by doing acupuncture, physical therapy… And then I found you! Somehow on the internet! –Yes, and I sat and watched videos of all the people you helped for like two hours while crying, thinking, “Can he help me?” Hi, I’m Kathleen and I am here from Los Angeles. I’m 49 years old and I’ve had frozen shoulder in my right arm since about August September of 2017 and it’s now July 2018.

And then two months ago I got it in my left shoulder so I came to Dr. Austin Oolo and we had the procedure, the OAT yesterday. And I’m doing very well. I’m in a little bit of pain just from the procedure itself but my range of motion is great and I can move so I can show you what I can do? –Yeah, let’s do that.

So, when I got here I can only go here and now I could go all the way up and it’s not even been 24 hours because I had my procedure at like 3 o’clock yesterday. –And what do you think about that? –I think it’s amazing! I’m tired from staying up all night but it’s good and then I can go straight up not a problem. And I can even reach behind my back. this one’s easier–which I couldn’t do at all. And up here which I couldn’t do. And I have zero nerve pain and no pain here whatsoever from the missteps of moving when you have frozen shoulder. Good! So what would you say to others who are suffering from frozen shoulder? I would say don’t wait. Get your x-rays and call and come in! It is a little painful when you get it but it’s over fast and it’s definitely worth it! you .

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