It might be a cliche but it is actually really simple. It is all in the mindset. You know what they say about power of the mind, It still holds true. What we put in our brain becomes our reality. We believe anything because that just is. And it is so, because that’s just what we believe.

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel few years ago. I would notice that my grip is loosening. I would drop things more often. My hands would become numb followed with a shooting pain from the wrists all the way to my fingers. The scientific explanation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affect the median nerve of the carpal tunnel of the nerve, hence the name carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel area of the human wrists consists of bones, tendons and tissue that surrounds the median nerve and flow through the wrist and into the hands all the way to the fingers. This dynamic set up allows out fingers to move freely. The pain is much more at night that will kept me up all night. I would try different remedies but all are not going to last long. Thus affected my mood the following day for the lack of sleep and having to deal with the pain and many sleepless night is quite daunting to deal with.

However, this article is not about the symptoms of carpal tunnel or Arthritis. But what it is all about is changing our mindset and reverse the notion that having a Carpal Tunnel or Arthritis is depleting our spirit because if we allow it, it can be very depleting especially for a women. When I was diagnosed with CTS, I did not opt in for surgery instead I decided that I will wear a wrist brace. I wore a black wrist brace for a while because that was all available out in the market. It was not a good looking one but it helped. My wrist brace looked like a cast, looked like velcro medical device snapped around my wrists. I would wear it but tucked it in under my sleeves so no one will notice it. If I hide it well. And this eliminates questions from others and me having to tell and explain why I am wearing a wrist brace every day.

You know, when the symptoms flare up and it was quite often. The discomfort and pain triggers all the negative emotions. It triggers sadness, feeling sorry for myself. Not wanting to do anything with yourself especially with family and friends. The world seemed gloomy and dark. But that’s just is. Our spirit is depleted. However, the mood that I was in, only happens when I am feeling the pain and discomfort of my carpal tunnel. I was sitting in my couch one night trying and I looked at my ugly wrist brace on my wrists. My AHA! moment came to me at that very moment. What if I can change the look of my wrist brace, will my mood change? And so I did. I made my own wrist braces and designed it with happy images of flowers and butterflies, birds with colorful pallets. I designed and created my wrist braces and I would wear different ones every day. The wrist braces were so fashionable that it coordinated with my outfit. They were fun to wear and I no longer hide them under my sleeves. I have my co-worker swooning it to see what fun wrist brace I am wearing for the day . I created so many that I started to give it away to friends, coworkers and families. And they all loved them 🙂

The moral lesson I have learned is that surround yourself with what makes you happy. What makes you smile. A candle light bath with lots of bubbles. Or pet your favorite pet. I have a green cheek conure I named “Cake”, and Cake loves to get tickles on his tummy 🙂

Here are my personal favorites: 10 Lists to make you smile:

  1. Reading a book
  2. Eating ice cream
  3. Playing with a pet
  4. Charity Works
  5. Being at the Beach
  6. Chatting with sisters
  7. Bubble bath
  8. After Yoga
  9. Reading words of inspiration
  10. After Church

Gina Facundo is a life coach, designer, and entrepreneur based in Huntington Beach, California. She is well known for her designs of her wrist braces and Wrist Supports Gloves for Women that has hand pains, Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel. Sign up for her weekly happiness tips every week. You will be glad you did!

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