A carpal tunnel wrist brace is a splint or support that looks like a fingerless glove. It stabilizes your wrist in a straight and sometimes slightly bent- back position. It keeps

Wearing a carpal tunnel wrist brace minimizes pressure on the median nerve and allows you a period of relative rest from movements that worsen the carpal tunnel syndrome. It keeps the wrist from bending and preventing pressure on the median nerve. It intentionally designed for different purposes such as for particular jobs or for wearing at night. The carpal tunnel wrist brace is most effective if they it is used as soon as symptoms of such disorder are noticed, or even by those brought about by other causes.

These following guidelines should be aptly considered when using a carpal tunnel wrist brace.
* When worn to stabilize the wrist during sleep, a wrist splint can reduce pain and pressure on the median nerve.
* A wrist splint is not a substitute for good workplace design and proper body mechanics. Some experts advise against wearing a wrist splint while working, because doing so can strain the hand’s tendons.
* A wrist splint is a helpful short-term treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. However, long-term use can cause your muscles to weaken. During and after a period of splint use, exercising and slowly increasing hand and wrist movements will help prevent your wrist muscles from weakening.
Carpal tunnel wrist brace are available in drugstores and pharmacies without a prescription. It is also sold by recommendation from an orthopedic doctor by some medical supply houses. Physical and occupational therapists can make custom-fit splints from lightweight materials that are more comfortable to wear.

Here are some carpal tunnel wrist brace brands that you can find in the market designed to personally suit your style.
* Universal wrist wrap provides protection and support for the wrist during periods of activity. Ambidextrous wrap design with velcro closure.
* Support wrist splints are designed to prevent re- injury or stabilize the wrist following injury.
* SportAid wrist brace are pre- shaped removable aluminum palm stay that is covered with suede stay pocket.
* Mueller wrist supports are elastic in a unique knit that give even compression and allow full range of movement during activity. This fits either right or left hand.
* Ace Plus wrist wraps are pre- shaped that protects and supports injured wrist during strenuous activities. Hook or loop fastener for easy adjustment. Adjustable strap helps immobilize wrist.
* Pil- O wrist splints are adjustable. It is shaped for maximum healing benefits by gently immobilizing the wrist, hand and fingers in a neutral position. Unique design prevents you from holding your hand in a harmful position while sleeping. Velcro strap allows for easy adjustment with a soft foam cotton lining.

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