MarGin Wellness is a story teller! Every pair of the Arthritis Gloves and Splint Brace that we create has a story…

As the Founder of MarGin Wellness, I have a story to share. I am the curator, designer and I have a carpal tunnel syndrome.

Since I was a little girl I am fascinated with story books. One of my favorite children’s book was Alice in the Wonderland, Jack and The Beanstalk and many others. I am fascinated with the illustrations and the story becomes alive in my imagination as a child.
If you look closely and examine each designs on each of the wrist gloves, you will see a special a story.

I hope that you take time to visit and examine each designs in every items; because not only our products seek to relieve the discomfort, but wearing them, (trust me) you will forget about yours. This is what our goal for each product that you choose, is for our customers to enjoy and get lost in the story instead of focusing on the discomfort. My wish for those who has to wear them is that we hope that we can help you in any way through our work; not only we seek for relief but also provide our customers with a special piece of a story telling.

MAR-GIN Wellness has created a brand around these needs because Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis is painful, disheartening, its real and it affects millions of women and men. We want our product to be different in a way that we can bring you comfort inside and out, AND a channel to bring you joy through our work.

Why Choose Our Brand?
At MarGin Wellness, we work very hard to create wrist support that works! But that’s not all we want. We want our customers to feel better, feel comforted and feel good about their purchase. Our products is a story telling; this makes it more special to wear them because of what it brings to those who has to wear them.

Our mission is to offer quality, affordability and zest to each of our products that we produce. We want you to have a place where you can find something extra ordinary each time you visit our shop.

GOAL – MARGIN Wellness
Our goal is to offer you the best quality and add value to those who suffers with joint discomfort, provide relief, comfort and feel good when you wear our braces.We want customers to come back and tell their friends.